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I left high school at 15 to chase my tech dreams – started as an engineer at a major AI art app, experienced the ups and downs of founding a startup, and now I'm coding at a YC company.

My fascination with technology began early. I was the guy in high school who could fix your phone or laptop. But I wanted more – I wanted to solve problems for everyone, not just one person at a time. This desire led me to the world of programming & design.

I began with sketching website designs by hand and then got really good at using Figma to create complete website layouts. I taught myself how to code these designs, making sure every detail was perfect on the actual website and before I knew it, I was diving deep into the React and Next.js ecosystems, mastering TypeScript, TailwindCSS. I even expanded into backend and databases, taking a shot at my own startup.

Everything took an exciting turn when I became a design engineer at StarryAI, a state-of-the-art AI art generator. The thrill of building something from the ground up was exhilarating. But I didn't stop there. I went on to co-found a startup, immersing myself in the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. And now, I'm bringing my passion for coding and design to Vocode, a promising startup in YC's W23 batch.

Up to this point, my focus was on soaking up as much knowledge as possible, setting myself apart in the process. But now, I feel a strong call to give back to the community that has been my backbone. That's the reason behind this blog and why you're here. Feel free to find me on my socials and let's connect.

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