Picture of me (Taseen Tanvir)

Hey I’m Taseen, a frontend developer, designer & a indie-hacker wannabe currently busy building and breaking the web.

My fascination with the internet started a lot earlier than others of my age at 15. As a teenager at highschool, I was the kid other students approached about issues with their phone or laptop. I was the go-to guy for fixing resolving any technical problems.

Today, not much has changed except, the only difference is, I got a bit too techy now to develop innovative softwares with a greater vision of solving problems at scale and improving the lives of people around the world. 🌍

I just freaking love writing code. Ever since writing my first program back at the age of fourteen with node.js and manipulating it to get the desired output, I have been obsessed with the idea of using software to solve practical problems. My love for building applications has been growing since then, and for me, software engineering is a never-ending puzzle that I am passionately engaged in solving. Throughout my learning phase, I've worked on countless projects, progressing skills in working with APIs, Databases, Web servers. There is certainly yet more to learn, many more problems to solve, and a lot more to build.

My specialties include - a deep understanding of various programming paradigms, quickly learning new skills, critical thinking & brainstorming, responsive design principles, website optimization, code organization, etc.

So far, I have Javascript (ES6-ES10), Typescript, and Python programming languages. For the frontend, I have React, Redux, Vue, Angular, D3.js, under my belt. As for the backend and databases, I've got Node.js, Express, Prisma, Apollo, Socket.io, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, FaunaDB, etc. I'm still enthusiastically learning new programming languages, frameworks, and integrating principles in my ever-evolving toolkit.